homerWe are pleased to announce that Clifford Business Services, LLC (CBS) recently made a move towards expansion with the purchase of its own high test professional printer. This will allow us to save our clients’ money by doing more in-house production for all of your marketing and branding material needs.

While this allows us to do a whole host of items in house, to ensure our clients get the best possible quality for their hard earned money, some items may still require printing through our third party vendor. You, of course, will be notified if this occurs and will be made aware of all costs prior to printing.print

Thanks to our clients, we, at CBS, are thrilled to be able to expand our capabilities and, in turn, save you more. It is our hope to be able to cut your production related costs by at least 25%. This will depend on your individual needs and materials.

At CBS, we understand that every dollar you spend is a dollar that you worked hard to earn. Therefore, we want you to know that dollar is going to work just hard when it comes to your business.

If you have any questions or comments, we would be pleased to answer them. Feel free to contact us at CliffordBusinessServices@gmail.com